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McCain’s Solution for Iraq — Again

With Iraq coming apart as it inevitably had to do since we broke it in 2003, Senator John McCain, the most incompetent and irresponsible member of that august body, when
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Rants by Republicans and Democrats on the Bergdahl Release are Largely Fact-Free and un-American

The politicians of our two major parties are failing America.  The Republicans have become crude and ruthless, ignoring (even denying) inconvenient facts that don’t line up with their strict dogma. 
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America’s Neocons and Israel’s Right Wing Give Radical Jihadists All the Help They Need

It may be counterintuitive, but when we should have been building bridges to the Muslim world, giving them encouragement, support, and tools to fight the radical jihadists who have perverted
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American Exceptionalism? That’s For The World, Not Us, To Decide

We’ve all had the displeasure of meeting braggarts.  From the schoolyard, to the ball field, to the office, to the boardroom.  That guy who seems to turn every encounter into
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Ted Cruz’s Presidential Bid on Track for 2016

Back in November, 2013 I revealed what I believe Ted Cruz’s hidden strategy is to make a viable Presidential run in 2016.  To some it may have seemed far-fetched, but
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Kirkus review of American Moment

A panoramic survey of America’s political problems that offers a bipartisan path to their solution.